PROESA (Exports and Investment Promotion Agency of El Salvador) is a government agency whose mission is to promote exports, investment and private public partnerships in order to help generate economic growth and create more and better jobs. This will be achieved by facilitating the establishment of foreign investment enterprises in the country and promoting the insertion of Salvadoran enterprises in international markets.

Business Opportunities

Provide outstanding information to investors about:

  • Investment opportunities in priority sectors.
  • Incentives and benefits as the result of investing in the country in those sectors.
  • Tailored sector statistics and information.

Strategic Information

Facilitate El Salvador´s assessment process as an investment destination by offering:

  • Information on the costs of establishing operations, regulations, availability of human capital, business climate, economic factors and any other information required for the evaluation process of the country.
  • Personal attention to specific queries.

Advisory and Technical Assistance

Guide and holistically serve potential investors through the assessment process, and in the identification, establishment and expansion of operations, by means of:

  • Assistance in the organization, logistics and coordination of tailored agendas for visitors to El Salvador.
  • Specialized support before, during and after trade and recognition visits.
  • Assist potential investors in the process of building new local business contacts.
  • Support during the proceedings required to establish or expand operations in the country

Why invest in El Salvador?

There are seven reasons that make El Salvador an attractive destination for investment:

Monetary Stability

Strategic Location

Preferential Access to international markets

Attractive Tax Incentives

Competitive Infrastructure

Competitive Costs

Human Capital